The purpose of this blog is to publish helpful information on mold and general indoor air qualty related issues, and to provide a forum for the sharing of such information among professional consultants and the public.

We are always happy to here from homeowners and mold inspection and testing consultants to join our community make comments, answers, questions, experiences, or articles related to experiences with mold and indoor air quality issues.

If you desire to contribute feel free to make a comment and in return you can link back to your own website.

Our hope is that the information here will help raise important questions and also provide non-bias informations and answers that in some ways may contribute to a better understanding of how to inspect, diagnose, and solve indoor air quality and mold problems.

The information in this blog is intended to be useful for professional consultants and inspectors as well as property managers and homeowners alike.

Have information or questions that may benefit others? please feel fee to add your contribution to this site.
Daryl Watters
State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor MRSA # 328


3 Responses to “About Mold Inspector’ Weblog”

  1. Joe D'Angelo said


    I was looking through some images of Cladosporium on the net, and came across this one:

    Its a great shot, and i love what your doing for pathogenic fungal education. I am writing a blog entry for Cornell University’s Plant Pathology department, and i was wondering if i could possibly use that image in my entry?

    Thank you,

    Joe D

  2. Suzanne said

    I have a small AC window unit just bought last year we put it in today and there looks like mold and smells musty – how can we clean this? Ther is no way to get to the insides – are these window units meant to be replaced yearly?
    Thanks just wondering what someone in the filed thought.

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