Mold Inspection Fees

February 26, 2008

Curious as to what a mold inspector should charge and why? well that is a common question it depends on a lot of factors such as the size of the property, the complexity of the problem, and how many mold samples are taken.
Below is more info on how much a typical mold inspection fee should be.
Message: I would like the approximate cost of a Mold Inspection on a
home built 2004..approx. 1858 sq ft.
And is it possible to get it done this week.
About $500.00 more or less.
You must call us and give details for a firm testing and inspection fee.
That seems quite a bit on the HIGH side…I would think that about Two hundred would be more in the ballpark.
You are right $500.00 is a lot of money to spend.
But even worse is the fact that the mold inspection industry is completely unregulated in Florida and will be till 2010 when licensing kicks in in our state.
The mold inspection industry is full of people trying to get a few hundred bucks for just taking 2 or 3 samples of your air.
1) Turn a pump on
2) Look impressive and pretend to know something about microbial ecology, HVAC systems, and building forensics while making up pretend facts about mold for one hour or two hours.
3) Collect $200.00 and run to the bank.
1% of the time you get lucky, 99% of the time you wasted your money because all your get is a report saying you have spores in your air. If you need answers as to why you have spores? where they came from? or what to do now? they cannot help you with that in any meaningful way most of the time.
I run into people all the time who have hired budget mold inspectors, budget home inspectors, and budget mold remediators, with two day certifications.
This is not a rare exception but it is a common and sad part of my life to see people suffer needlessly for years because they get a false sense of security after hiring certified yet discount nonprofessionals to safeguard their home and family’s health.
The people who hire cheap “two day wonder” mold inspectors today cough and sneeze for three years and then they later hire professional certified mold inspectors to sue the cheap guys because of poor service.
$200.00 mold inspectors have no idea of how expensive it is to run a mold inspection or mold remediation business and do not realize they cannot do it for $200.00,and they have no Idea of how important it is to make a serious attempt to look out for your health and your families health. 
But when we try to find the cheap guys they are already out of business and are back to doing carpet cleaning, or back to home inspections, or termite inspections, or whatever they were doing a week before they were in your house. 
 Good luck with whoever you choose and do a bit more research before you tell people in other industries what their fees should be. Many inspectors who take this business seriously have bachelors or masters degrees in science or engineering and spend their lives working hard in contaminated buildings and homes so their clients children do not have to spend their formative years going to the emergency room because of constant sinus infections and breath stealing asthma attacks. 
P.S. Watch out, they may tell you $200.00 over the phone then charge you $200.00 to $400.00 extra for samples after getting a foot in the door.